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US Secret Government?


US Secret Government Covertly Building Tomorrow's Communities

A secret level of government exists in America. This secret government
monitors, studies, and influences American citizens. The secret
government conducts covert domestic operations inside the United
States to change and shape society in ways that favors its agenda. The
secret government’s domestic agenda is to create the society of
tomorrow. This social engineering involves changing laws governing the
mentally ill. The secret government wishes stronger laws against the
mentally ill that will force people with serious mental illnesses into
programs that require the forced medication and supervision.

Other aspects of the secret government agenda involve desegregating
American communities. The secret government wants the communities of
tomorrow to be integrated where all races live together. The secret
government wishes to eliminate segregated communities where poverty
overwhelms one community and wealth brings fortune to the other. The
government has and has been desegregating the military, workplace,
public schools, and is also covertly working to desegregate America’s

Crime in neighborhood community is also on the secret government’s
agenda. Targeting areas of crime such as drug houses, drug
trafficking, organized crime, and gangs are also carried out.

This webpage will concentrate on the secret government’s covert war
against the mentally ill but the surveillance technology and tactics
mentioned on this webpage are also used by agents of the secret
government to target people who appose the other aspects of the secret
government’s agenda.

The secret US government has been conducting a domestic covert war
against mentally ill people possibly for decades. You might have seen
the aftermath of this war on TV. People claiming to have lived in
haunted houses, people claiming to be victims of mind control, people
claiming to be victims of radiation weapons, and people claming God
told them to commit violent crimes. These are some of the results of
this covert war.

Groups with connections to the FBI and CIA have been given access to
classified technology. The classified technology was developed to
protect the national security of the United States but has been turned
against American citizens.

The covert operation against the mentally ill involves the targeting
of a handful of specially selected mentally ill people throughout the
United States each year. Classified surveillance technology is used to
conduct complete surveillance of the targeted individuals.

The classified surveillance technology can electronically see and hear
through walls of a house or building. It basically gives the agents of
the secret government x-ray vision to see right into the targeted
person’s house. A very detailed image of the targeted person through
walls of his house is generated by this technology. Agents of the US
government will move into a neighboring house to the targeted person
and conduct complete audio and video surveillance of the targeted
person with the classified surveillance technology. The classified
surveillance technology is portable and easily moved into and out of
the house.

The agents never have to enter the targeted person’s house to place
listening devices. The classified surveillance technology can be used
to conduct complete surveillance from the neighboring house. The
targeted person will never know he is under surveillance during the
surveillance period. Click here to read an article describing
technology that can see through walls.

No detection equipment is available to the general public to detect
the government’s classified surveillance technology. If a person is
placed under surveillance, he can’t detect it or prevent it. The
government technology is used to protect the national security of the
United States and the government doesn’t disclose classified
technology or make details of covert operations available to the

The period of time the targeted person is under surveillance is known
as the Surveillance Stage. The targeted person will not be aware he is
under surveillance during this period. The targeted person will be
under complete surveillance in his home and will be followed to and
from work and any place he may go.

A complete profile of the targeted person will be made during this
surveillance stage of the operation. A group of specialist members who
are in control of the operation against the targeted person will
review and analyze the surveillance information. The specialist
members consist of psychiatrists and other people who specialize in
mental health.

The specialists will determine if the targeted person can be
manipulated and driven out of control during the next stage of the
operation known as the Attack Stage. The goal of the Attack Stage is
to drive the targeted person out of control so he will commit a
violent act.

Successful Attack Stage operations previously conducted on targeted
individuals in the past involved:

1) Tricking the targeted person into believing he is speaking to
God. The targeted person is tricked into believing that God has
commanded him to commit a violent act, usually killing his children.

2) Tricking the targeted person into believing he is being
attacked with mind control devices.

3) Tricking the targeted person into believing he is living in a
haunted house.

4) Tricking the targeted person into believing he has an
electronic chip implanted in his body which he believes is used for
surveillance and to inflict pain in the targeted person.

5) ECT....

The Attack Stage involves the use of classified sonic harassment
technology and sonic non-lethal weapons. Once the specialist members
of the groups decide to initiate the Attack Stage, the targeted person
will be harassed and/or attacked with classified military non-lethal
weapon technology.

The harassment technology and non-lethal weapons were developed by the
United States government to harass and torture people through walls of
a house or building. The technology can be used to artificially create
symptoms of serious mental illness in targeted individuals. Click here
to view video describing sonic weapons.

People targeted with this technology will complain of the following:

1) Hearing voices no one else can hear.

2) Burring sensations in limbs of the body, mainly legs.

3) Pain or numbness on outer part of the head.

4) Involuntary movements of limbs of the body.

5) Sensation of impacts (being struck) in areas of the body.

6) Other strange burning sensations or numbness of areas of the

7) Hearing strange snapping or clicking noises which appear to
come from hard surfaces near and around the targeted person.

The harassment technology is classified technology that uses
ultrasonic technology to direct what can be described as sonic lasers
at a targeted person in his house. The sonic lasers pass through
walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and people without causing any
physical damage. The technology can be used to attack a single person
in a house without anyone else in the house feeling or noticing
anything abnormal. The technology leaves not physical evidence of the
attack behind. The targeted person will have absolutely no physical
evidence to prove an attack took place. The technology uses what is
know as directed energy technology that directs sonic energy in one
direction. The sonic beam of energy cannot be seen or heard, only felt
by the person struck by the beam of sound.

Sonic lasers passing through the targeted person’s legs can produce
what feels like a burning sensation in his legs. The technology can be
used to keep the targeted person awake all night before a workday by
creating burning sensations in his legs. Every time the targeted
person falls asleep the technology can create the burning sensations
in the targeted person’s legs and awaken him from sleep. The targeted
person can be denied sleep for days with this technology. This method
of attack is very effective against a targeted person who holds a job
and needs sleep to perform his job effectively.

The classified sonic non-lethal weapons technology can be used to fire
powerful sonic bullets through the targeted person’s house. These
sonic bullets are similar to sonic laser but much shorter in duration
than sonic lasers. The targeted person will experience sensations of
being struck by invisible forces. Involuntary limb movements if a leg
or arm is struck by a sonic bullet. The targeted person’s fingers can
experience involuntary movements by passing a sonic bullet through

Other classified harassment technology that the secret government has
provided to the group is technology that can direct audible messages
to a single person in a house. This technology mixes together two or
more ultrasonic lasers to produce audible sound that only the targeted
person can hear. The technology can be used to trick the targeted
person into believing he is speaking to God. The technology is
incredibly effective and the results obtained by the groups against
the targeted person can be horrific. Mothers who kill their children
in their homes and claim God told them to do it may be the victims of
this harassment technology.

In order to use non-lethal weapons and harassment technology against
the targeted person in his house without affecting anyone else living
in the same house, a targeting system is needed that can target a
single person in a house through the walls. The secret United States
government has incorporated their surveillance technology that can see
through walls into a targeting scope that can identify and target a
person through walls.

The through wall targeting scope is attached to the non-lethal weapons
and harassment technology. Now a weapon that can target a person
through walls and fire a directed beam of sonic energy through walls
can be used against the targeted person. The weapon is placed inside
the neighboring house to the targeted person, and from the neighboring
house the targeted person can be attacked through the walls of his own

The overall goal of the Attack Stage is to drive the targeted person
out of control so he will commit a violent act.

Depending on which state the targeted person lives in, the laws
regarding forced medication and institutionalization of people legally
declared mentally ill vary. Most states currently can force a person
legally declared mentally ill into an Involuntary Outpatient
Commitment program simply because a judge ruled the person’s mental
illness is serious and could represent a threat to society.
Schizophrenia is a mental illness that would require Involuntary
Outpatient Commitment, regardless of whether or not the mentally ill
person is violent, in these states.

Other states require the person suspected of being mentally ill must
commit a violent act or likely to commit a violent act in the near
future before being forced into an Involuntary Outpatient Commitment
program or an Involuntary Inpatient Commitment program.

Involuntary Outpatient Commitment involves forcing a person deemed
mentally ill to take medication to control his mental illness. The
person may remain free from confinement as long as he takes medication
to control his mental illness. Urine and blood samples are taken on a
regular basis from the mentally ill person to ensure he is taking the
medication. If the person refuses or discontinues the required
medication, he may be forced into an Involuntary Inpatient

Involuntary Inpatient Commitment involves the forced confinement and
forced medication of a mentally ill person in a mental institution.
The person may not be released back into society unless he is deemed
not a threat to society by psychiatrists at the institution.

The covert war the secret United States government is waging against
the mentally ill involves the targeting of a handful of specially
selected people with mental illnesses throughout the United States
each year. The goal would be to target these people to conduct
surveillance and attack them to drive them out of control so they
commit a violent act.

An operation to target a mentally ill mother who has children would be
as follows: Conduct complete surveillance of the mother. Learn as much
as possible and develop a plan of attack to trick the mother into
believing that God is commanding the mother to kill her children.

The mother can easily be tricked into believing that God is speaking
to her with the classified harassment technology. The technology can
direct audible sounds at the mother inside her house from the
neighboring house. No one else in the house will hear these sounds but
the mother. The mother can easily be convinced she is receiving verbal
commands from God with this technology.

The message the mother receives will be clear to her. Audible commands
such as “Kill Your Children”, “Your Children Are Evil”, and “God
Commands you”, are easily directed to a single person in a house with
this classified government technology.

Once the mother commits the violent act of killing her children, the
covert operation will move from the Attack Stage to the next stage
know as the Propaganda Stage. The mother will be arrested and confined
to a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation before going

The public will be made aware of the crime through the news media.
“God Tells Mother to Kill Her Children” will be the headline. Coverage
will be broadcast into every American household and public opinion
about mentally ill people will be influenced into supporting strong
laws against people deemed seriously mentally ill. The American people
will never know the truth that the mother was tricked into killing her
children by agents of the secret United States government.

An example would be states that currently don’t have Involuntary
Outpatient Commitment for people with serious mental illnesses. The
secret United States government would like to see all states adopt
laws requiring forced medication of people declared as having a
serious mental illnesses, regardless of whether the mentally ill
people have committed a violent act, likely to commit a violent act,
or at no risk of committing a violent act. The secret government’s
goal would be to have any man, woman, or child with a serious mental
illness medicated and monitored by the mental health system.

States that don’t currently have forced medication of non-violent
people with serious mental illnesses would be targeted by this covert
operation. A mentally ill person living in a state such as this would
be sought out and targeted to be driven out of control.

Mental health advocacy groups would use the tragedy created by this
covert operation to influence public opinion in favor of supporting
strong laws against people suspected of having serious mentally ill.

The covert operation would create the tragedy and then mental health
advocacy groups who support the stronger laws against the mentally ill
would move in and use the family members of the victims by
manipulating them and use them as a poster child for supporting the
stronger laws. The family members would be persuaded to go public to
help prevent the same tragedy from happening to other families. The
public would be frightened and given disinformation like this can
happen to your family. Victims that were in effect murdered by the
secret United States government would have their names used for laws
that will target innocent American citizens who have committed no

Mental health advocacy groups working for stronger laws against the
mentally ill would ask for your help in lobbying state representatives
and ask you to act in memory of the victims. A tragedy created by the
secret US government is used by the advocacy groups to enact the
tougher laws against the mentally ill.

The funneling of profits from drug companies and mental health care
givers cannot be dismissed. There is a lot of money to be made by
forcing mentally ill people onto medication for the remainder of their
lives. Profits could be funneled into this covert government operation
by drug companies and caregivers. The privatization of some state’s
mental health systems may provide a financial incentive for
corporations to treat as many people as possible.

There is a massive disinformation campaign by the secret government to
convince mentally ill people that wild conspiracies are being carried
out against them. Conspiracies such as mind control, radiation
attacks, haunted houses, and electronic chip implants are being
carefully spread on the Internet by secret government agents who are
part of this covert operation.

By convincing people targeted as part of this covert operation that
they are victims of a wild conspiracy, it makes it easier for this
covert operation to succeed. When a victim tells other people they are
being harassed by mind control, radiation weapons, or electronic
implant, ordinary people who hear of these conspiracy theories will
generally disregard a person who appears to have a mental disability
complaining of such wild conspiracies.

The disinformation campaign is to trick people targeted by the secret
United States government into believing that harmful technology is
being used against them when in fact it is just harmless sonic
technology that will cause no physical damage to them. The only damage
this technology will cause is psychological. People’s fears are being
used against them by an evil secret element in the United States

When a government is at war, it will try to use disinformation to
rally public support for the war effort. This covet war against the
mentally ill is no different than an ordinary conventional war.
Mentally ill people are being targeted with military technology and
being manipulated and basically hunted. The American people are also
being manipulated by a massive disinformation campaign designed to
sway public opinion into supporting tougher laws against the mentally

The classified harassment technology and non-lethal weapons technology
can be used to artificially create symptoms of serious mental illness
in a targeted person. As this technology becomes more available to
local groups throughout the United States, people who display symptoms
of mild non-violent mental illness can be targeted in communities to
drive them out of control and force them into community mental health
service programs.

Any targeted person attempting to report to law enforcement they are a
victim of this technology will be in for a rude awakening. The
technology doesn’t exist in the eyes of the law or mental health
system and there is no way to prove it does. Anyone attempting to
report this type of harassment can find themselves detained for a
psychiatric evaluation. And when the targeted person tries to explain
to a psychiatrist what he is experiencing, the mental health system
can swing into action and force the person into an Involuntary
Outpatient Commitment program.

Psychiatrist use guidelines from a manual called the DSM-IV. The DSM-
IV gives step by step procedures for a psychiatrist to legally
diagnose a person as being mentally ill. The DSM-IV is basically a
psychiatrist’s bible for diagnosing mental illness. The DSM-IV is
accepted in the court system and can be used by a psychiatrist to
legally pronounce a person as being mentally ill.

Once the mentally ill person who was driven out of control during the
Attack Stage is brought to court and tries to explain that the secret
government is attacking him with classified military technology, it is
all over for the targeted person. The court can pronounce the targeted
person as being legally mentally ill and the judge can assign the now
legally declared mentally ill person to an Involuntary Outpatient
Commitment program or an Involuntary Inpatient Commitment program.

The medication that the mentally ill person is forced to take may be
harmful and cause permanent damage to the person’s brain. Some people
refer to the forced medication of mentally ill people as giving a
“Chemical Lobotomy”.

The secret government has been studying crimes involving mentally ill
people for decades and has come to the conclusion that the best way to
protect society as a whole is to force people with serious mental
disabilities onto medications. The government can only achieve this
goal by gaining the support of the American people. This covert
operation is an attempt to scare the American people into supporting
strong laws against the mentally ill. The secret American government
will sacrifice the lives of innocent American civilians to achieve
this goal.

If a person is attacked by this government harassment group, the best
course of action is to not tell anybody and not to report it to law
enforcement. Remember simply trying to report this type of government
harassment to law enforcement can lead to the person being detained
for a psychiatric evaluation.

The person being attacked would be best advised to talk to a lawyer
and discuss the state laws regarding people with mental illness. A
civil rights lawyer might be the best choice. The targeted person
might want to talk to several lawyers to get more than one opinion
before he proceeds. A person’s conversations with a lawyer are
completely private and cannot be used against the person in a court of

A lawyer asking the targeted person to take a psychiatric evaluation
is not giving his client good legal advice. If the targeted person has
no physical evidence to support his claims of harassment, then that
person has no case that will stand up in court. It is extremely bad
idea for a targeted person to take any type of psychiatric evaluation
at this point in time.

Some psychiatric evaluations are not private and can be used against
the targeted person. The psychiatric evaluation can be subpoenaed by a
court of law and can be used against the targeted person at a later

Also, even if the psychiatric evaluation is private, a psychiatrist is
required by law to turn the targeted person’s name over to the mental
health system if the psychiatrist feels the targeted person is a
threat to society. So if a targeted person tells his story to a
psychiatrist, he may find mental health services knocking on his door.

If a targeted person were to tell family members that he is being
targeted by a covert government conspiracy and attacked with weapons
that fire invisible bullets and leave no physical evidence behind
after the attack, the family members will believe the targeted person
is mentally ill and try to have the targeted person committed to a
mental institution. A lawyer would be a good person to talk to about
laws that can be used by family members to have a targeted person

There is a huge push by groups that support forced medication of non-
violent people with serious mental illness to change current laws and
give family members of suspected mentally ill people more options to
have their family member forced into mental health programs.

The secret government is using the system against the targeted person.
Anything the targeted person says or does can be used against him.
Only a handful of specially selected people in our society know of
this covert operation against the mentally ill and they will not help
you. In fact, they are hoping for your demise.

Very few members of law enforcement, doctors, and psychiatrists know
of the covert operation by the government. A targeted person will
appear as being mentally ill if he tries to report this type of
harassment by the government.

The DSM-IV is a psychiatrist guide for diagnosing mental illness. As
the secret government has been developing this classified harassment
technology over the last decades, the DSM-IV has been developed also.
The artificial symptoms created by this technology have been
incorporated into the DSM-IV guidelines. Anyone trying to explain the
symptoms experienced by this technology to a psychiatrist will be
diagnosed as having a serious mental illness. A psychiatrist cannot
deviate from the DSM-IV and expect to remain licensed. You are walking
into a trap if you try to tell a psychiatrist you are under attack by
high technology.

Again the best course of action for a targeted person is to keep his
mouth shut until he learns of the laws that can be used against a
person making claims that the secret government is targeting him with
high-technology. The biggest mistake made by a targeted person is to
try to get other people to believe his story. This point will be the
toughest thing for the targeted person to understand: No one will
believe your story of harassment by technology that can’t be proven.
Trying to get people to believe your story is the same as digging your
own grave. Again, keep your mouth shut.

Best advice for a targeted person:

1) Keep quite about the harassment and only speak to a lawyer about

2) Do not tell family and friends about the harassment.

3) Never try to confront the people who you feel are harassing or
attacking you

4) Do not try to report the harassment to law enforcement

5) Do not take any type of psychiatric evaluation

What the targeted person will discover after speaking to a lawyer is
that there is nothing that can legally be done to help the person.
Since there is no physical evidence to support the targeted person’s
claims of harassment, there is nothing the system can do for the
targeted person that will benefit him.

In fact, the system is poised to work against the targeted person
should he try to report the harassment to law enforcement or commit a
violent act. This is very important for the targeted person to

There is a simple method that could help defeat the through wall
targeting scope while you sleep. The primary method this classified
technology uses to target a person through a wall is body heat.
Creating heat sources that are above body temperature will interfere
with the technology. Light bulbs (incandescent bulbs) generate lots of
heat and can be used to prevent being targeted through walls. Placing
a lamp with an incandescent bulb on each side of your bed will
interfere with the through wall targeting system while you sleep.

Confining the heat from the light bulbs with a closed structure will
create a heat barrier that is the most effective method of defeating
the through-wall targeting system. The temperature of the air in the
structure will rise quickly and not be affected by a fan or air
conditioner. Placing these heat barriers on all sides of a person
targeted would prevent the person from being targeted with through-
wall targeting systems.

There is also a method to defeating the classified sonic harassment
technology. This classified technology uses a focused beam of sound
(similar to a laser) that can’t be seen or heard, only felt by the
person targeted. Sound can pass through everything including air,
wood, metal, glass, ceramic, brick, and concrete. The only thing sound
cannot pass through is a vacuum, no air. By creating a panel with the
air removed from inside the panels (a vacuum created in the panel), a
barrier is created that the classified sonic weapons cannot
penetrate. Click here to view a sketch of a vacuum panel.

By placing these vacuum panels around a person while sleeping, it will
protect the targeted person while he sleeps and allow the person to
return to a normal sleeping pattern. The US Military places vacuum
panels in the walls of military bunkers to protect the occupants of
the bunker from attack by sonic weapons. The targeted person should
remember that a vacuum panel is the only method to defeat sonic

Remember what is needed to attack a person through a wall is a
targeting system and a directed energy weapon (sonic weapon). The heat
from light bulbs will interfere with the targeting system and the
vacuum panels will block the sonic lasers from the directed energy

Just as the secret United States government targets people living
outside the Unites States it considers a threat, it also targets
people living inside the United States it considers a threat. The
targeted person has been identified by agents of the secret government
as being a threat to society and enormous effort and expense are going
to be used to see the targeted person is either removed from society
or treated by modern medications by a mental health system.

The objective of this covert operation by the government is to
influence states into adopting laws requiring forced medication of non-
violent mentally ill people. By selectively targeting a handful
mentally ill people throughout the United States each year and
creating tragedy to scare the public into supporting stronger laws
against the mentally ill, the secret government hopes to achieve this

This covert domestic operation by the secret United States government
has been ongoing for decades. Some of the most famous haunted house
movies, such as Amityville Horror Story, may be a result of this
covert domestic war against the mentally ill. Hollywood usually blows
out of proportion what actually happened in these haunted house
movies. But if what actually occurred in these stories is studied and
analyzed, it would be discovered that sonic harassment technology may
have been used against the victims, instead of some supernatural

This covert domestic operation has resulted in terrible tragedy. The
most recognized cases of parents killing their children because they
claimed God told them to do it may the result of this covert war.
Mentally handicapped people going berserk and committing violent acts
may also be victims. The attention grabbing headlines, “Mother Kills
Her Children and Claims God Told Her To Do It”, “Parent Puts Child In
Microwave Because Of The Voices in His Head”, and “Mentally
Handicapped Person Goes Berserk And Commits Murder” may be the
aftermath of this covert domestic war. The classified technology
mentioned on this page can be used to trick the people who commit
these violent crimes into believing they are receiving commands from
God. The technology can be used to drive people to the breaking point
and tragedy results.

After the violent acts are committed by the above mentioned people,
they are committed to mental institutions and medicated. What actually
happened may never be known. Records are kept confidential and
psychiatrists put a lid on the cases. Technology is never considered
as a cause. A study by professionals familiar with the effects of
sonic weapons on humans needs to take place to conclude if technology
could have played a role. Psychiatry will never let this happen.
Psychiatry is using these cases of tragedy to influence public opinion
and lawmakers into changing the laws to give psychiatry more power
over the average American citizen.

The DSM-IV has been created, the psychiatric medication has been
created, and now the secret United States government is forcing a
change in the laws effecting mentally ill people. Make no mistake the
secret United States government is at war with the mentally ill. This
covert war against the mentally ill has been ongoing for decades.
Psychiatry is looking to regain its influence over the American
people. The era of the surgical lobotomy is over but the era of the
chemical lobotomy is just beginning. The secret government hopes to
start as early as childhood in identify people they feel should be
forced onto medication. And with this classified technology their
ultimate goal of creating a federal law requiring the monitoring and
forced medication of people with serious mental illnesses is

The secret United States government is also equipping agents with
classified surveillance technology to covertly move into segregated
communities throughout the United States to conduct surveillance to
discover methods and strategy to slowly desegregate the communities.
Agents of the same race will move into the segregated communities and
use the classified surveillance technology to conduct surveillance of
houses in the area to discover community members who are organizing to
deny people their civil rights because of their race to live in the

The community will never suspect the agents living in the community
are agents of the secret United States government. The surveillance
technology is operated from inside the agent’s house and no visual
evidence of the technology is possible from outside the house. The
agents will be able to hear and see into any neighboring house. The
search for community members who wish to deny other people’s civil
right because of their race will begin.

Other agents who are of different race than the community will move
into the neighborhood to begin the desegregation process. These agents
will not be equipped with surveillance technology. These agents will
simply be a couple who are a different race so the members of the
community who wish to violate the civil rights of these newly arriving
community members can be identified by the agents of the same race who
are using the surveillance technology to monitor the community. The
agents will discover plots against the minority community members and
find conventional methods to bring these people to justice for
violations of civil rights laws.

An example would be the discovery of a plot to damage the newly
arrived community member’s house. The team of agents conducting the
surveillance can discover the plot and have a conventional video
recording system in place to record the unfriendly community members
damaging the house of the newly arrived community member. The video
tape can be turned over to law enforcement and civil rights crimes can
be brought against perpetrators. The classified technology is never
revealed to the public and the covert operation can continue.

People who commit crimes in neighborhood communities would be targeted
also. Drug houses, organized crime, cults, and gangs can be placed
under surveillance by agents who are moved into a neighboring house.

For the last few decades this covert operation has been occurring and
will continue for the next few decades. The community of tomorrow will
desegregated, free of crime, and the seriously mentally ill will be
cared for. Any person, group, organization, or cult who wishes to
violate the civil rights and safety of others may be targeted by this
covert operation. No court order is needed to begin the surveillance.
The agents operate above the law and the classified surveillance
technology can’t be detected or proven. Law enforcement will do
nothing to interfere with the covert operation and will deny it is
occurring. Any one targeted by this covert operation is on their own.

Please post this information in other newsgroups and lists.

Thank You.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Police: n. [treated as pl.] a civil force responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order...

That is what Oxford Dictionary explains about the meaning of "Police". But, do you see these qualities in your police forces? Do they follow 'the code of conduct' and 'go by the book' when discharging their duties in our community? Do they really care about their 'Oath' they have taken before God?

We all know the answer, its a 'NO' but nobody can raise even eyebrows to any wrong-doing and offences committed by the members of such a Law Enforcement organisation.

Ignorance, fear of oppression and state crime and abuse of power by the protectors of Law made every citizen unwilling to react to such situations.

Who is, in fact, responsible for this situation? Chiefly, we can blame the Political Leader who runs the country, form Government. Usually, most of these politicians are behind the seen what we see as police misconduct, brutality and abuse of power.

Then comes the bureaucracy; they are untouchables, well, almost, and do much more harm than welfare to our society. Eventually, corruption spreads everywhere and spreading a 'mantra' - make money, money is god (May God forgive!) and not just the second-one but one and only; it gives ye everything, Ha! everything. Hence, make money by whatever means you may use...

Well, we cannot get rid of this plague just by blaming others; we have our duties to do: protest and try to stop them spread anymore. Create awareness among ourselves and others, unite and fight against Crime, Corruption and Terrorism.

"It is the business of the Citizen in a democracy to ensure that wise laws are passed and that they are fairly administered in the courts of law."1

Let us do our duty.

Arms Control or Crime Control? Bangladesh.

Guns, Goons and Government Policies.

Missing legally-owned arms, 10 thousand and counting …

A national Daily reported in
January 17, 2005 that, About 5 thousand Arms are missing and the authorities could not trace them, although those arms were purchased against licenses issued by the authorities.

In April, 2007 a Daily reported that “10 Thousand Legal Arms Missing|| Police and Detectives to recover them”… The news also mentions that “government authorities have issued about 194000 Licenses and about 119000 License holders have purchased arms, among them about 10000 gun-owners did not respond to calls from the government to surrender their arms.” Those arms are missing! Simply put: preposterous.

The Daily quoted (2005) the authorities that, there were about 135,000 Licenses issued for Big, Heavy and Light arms. Though ‘Big’ and ‘Heavy’ must be a misnomer here! They are not for civilians! What authorities (or the reporter) meant by ‘Big’ and ‘Heavy’ is not clear, though, I assume Big could be ‘Long Guns’ (Rifle/Shotguns) and ‘Heavy’ might be larger calibre guns but certainly Non-Prohibited Bores (NPB: between .22 and .32 calibres allowed for civilians).

This is another funny as well as a serious issue: the NPB. Where there are AK47 and other heavy (in real sense) weapons (and nowadays Grenades) in the hands of criminals, there should not be so many restrictions for law-abiding civilians to buy arms to protect their life and properties such as NPB rule.

Control Guns or Goons?

"The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles." Jeff Cooper

If law enforcement departments, Detective and Intelligence branches are taking careful measures to identify who is getting Arms Licenses during routine investigative procedure after an applicant asks for a license (and if they are not influenced by Political and bureaucratic superiors) then eligible citizens will be able to get licenses without hindrance and criminals would not be able to impersonate as law abiding citizens and will not get an easy access to pursue this facility.

The current procedure1 to be eligible to get an arms license is somewhat unrealistic, even tyrannical. According to the directives issued from the Ministry of Home Affaires, there are categories of citizens who are eligible for arms license, such as:

  1. As mentioned in the warrant of precedence, the Govt. Ministers, persons with equivalent rank and honour, Joint Secretary and persons with equivalent rank and honour.

2. Government declared CIP's.

3. First-Class Govt. officials (Military/Civil, both Active and Retired).

4. Businessmen who’s Income Tax return is BDT200, 000.00 or more per annum.

These criteria mentioned above are quite disturbing! It is indeed intimidating. For instance, many people are living in rural areas such as the wealthy farmers, elected people’s representatives like UP Chairman and Members who will never be able to meet any one of those criterion mentioned above. They might have requirements of guns for protection or pest control; do they have any option to acquire one?

Nonetheless, many people living in the cities, with valid reasons, are required to keep guns for self-defence. But there is no way for them to get licenses according to the aforesaid criteria. Moreover, those people under the above categories are already enjoying facilities that ensure their safety and security.

Shooting Sports: a Contingent of Peashooters!

The BSS website says about shooting sports “At a time when no one could think of winning even a medal in a big shooting event, Atiqur Rahman and Abdus Sattar Nini won the gold in pairs 10m air pistol demonstrating unmatched marksmanship in the 14th Commonwealth Games shooting competition in Auckland in 1990. Their shooting prowess also earned for them a bronze in pairs 50m free pistol event in the meet. But when everybody started expecting success in shooting, no big achievements could be made in shooting any more. However, Bangladesh is winning gold medals regularly in the SAF games.”

Shooter Abdus Sattar Nini and Atique brought great honour for our nation. Later, other shooters also earned many medals in this discipline. Even though, till today, how many incentives been given to shooters? Rather, they were beaten in public – inside their campus – later in the Police Station. Why?

Recently, Manchester Commonwealth Games gold-winning shooter Asif Hossain Khan returned from Beijing being disqualified for the next Olympic Shooting event due to post injury complications inflicted by the beating.2 It’s not just a matter of beatings; it is the attitude of the Masters. Moreover, nothing has been done to reconcile – justice being delayed.

Our shooters do not have proper remunerations, equipments and career-path. Unfortunately, the Shooting Federation of Bangladesh did not come out with any solution though they have had spent huge sum for decades; member clubs are unable to support their shooters alone.

Weapons, ammunitions and other accessories are very scarce – even for our renowned national team. Government policy made it nearly impossible importing required arms, ammunitions and accessories: the Federation could not get permission to import even.177 airgun pallets …during the tenure of last political government. I just do not want to believe this! Do they want us to be peashooters again?

Hunting: It’s not just killing.

Hunting is banned in Bangladesh. The reason primarily shown by the authorities is “keeping the fowls and fauna of Bangladesh including the migratory birds safe from extinction”. Is it true? Does this ban could really protect our birds and animals? Everyone who delves into this field knows that hunting is not totally stopped. And, it should not be. A careful plan for seasonal hunting in particular areas will generate revenues, benefit businesses and will create employment that will contribute to our national economy.

Those, who call hunters blood-thirsty killers killing for joy, are not necessarily vegetarians. People all over the world including the animal rights activists are not all vegetarians as well. What they do (except the orthodox veggies) eat kebobs, grills, wings or drum-sticks plenty but do not like to admit that those meats, chickens come from live animals and birds. They were living creatures and slaughtered or killed then arranged to the table by gastronomists.

See how many animals and birds are killed, slaughtered everyday for our dinner? Then compare how many are shot by hunters. In the name of conservation or animal rights, the tradition of hunting must not be banned. Hunting should be regulated for preserving the fauna, fowls and the tradition of our forefathers.

It’s not just sports, it’s about Rights: the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Another quote from Jeff Cooper: "An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it."

Above all, the government authorities must not revoke the rights of citizens. It should help people to defend themselves and encourage them to fight crime and corruption. Armed law abiding citizens are like auxiliary law enforcement forces – if they are motivated and trained properly.


Abdullah Rakeeb

Shooting Enthusiast & RKBA Advocate

Life & EC Member: Gulshan Shooting Club, GSC, Bangladesh

Regular Member: National Rifle Association of America, NRA, USA

Clubman (O) Member: Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, CPSA, UK

1 as of 2005-06

2 see photo: